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Calverton Customs is a love affair with the automobile. I have always held the cars and neighborhood I grew up withBaby Boomer collectables great affection, it’s always going to be home for me. Now that technology and the use of social media has become the “norm” I have taken the path to launch a platform for the car enthusiast in us all.

It’s been 50 years from the days of being 7 years old and the place I called home. Staying outside all day, no cell anything, being told to “Be home when the street lights come on” and roving the neighborhood provinces with friends on countless adventures that created the childhood memories that are still with me today.

Kids playing with hot wheelsOne of those fantastic memories was playing with Hot Wheels! I had them all, the “Sweet 16” starting in “68” and throughout the early 70’s. We would go to Brent’s house, or T Hatch’s and launch these custom beauties from an array of track set ups.

We would build the ultimate track configurations, one set up from the Brent’s bedroom window 2 stories up! About 80 feet of track, all brought together by a contribution of various tracks from all of us kids combined. Man, that was a blast!

T Hatch had a basement that was all car! Tyco racing, hot wheels, etc…the best was the Snake and Mongoose races!!! Brought me back to the days at Beltsville speedway, the BDI on 1 and Juvenile sales and of course Toys R Us. The closest was Sears in White Oak!! (Toy department was down stairs!)

I even remember when Mattel would set up Hot Wheels “time trials” at our then closest Toys R Us (University Blue Heavy Chevy Hot WheelsBlvd), I ran 4 races in my blue “Heavy Chevy”, won all 3, until that last heap…my doors got blown off by a “Bug”! Ouch!

This is but just one experience that came to me when I got back into the collection of these wonderful road chariots. Now I have had a chance to share these and some old memories with you!

Please look through my site, I offer Redlines, classics, some 1:18 scale and special models that I run into from time to time. These little guys bring me much joy, and to take a moment and share these with you is a pleasure. I hope you find the one for you, and bring back, even for a moment, those days of past.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope to hear from you soon!

Happy Motoring

Danny C


I encourage you to send me some collection photos or a single of your “bestest” cool cars that I may put on the site. Bragging rights count!