My Hot Wheels Redlines 2019 Perspective

I think the one thing you can count on besides death and taxes is the holding value of an original redline. 2018 was the 50th anniversary of our beloved icons with some fan fair and even an actual 2018 Chevrolet Camaro SS with the Hot Wheels package for addional 5k, released in limited numbers. All these years later (50 +) Hot Wheels still holds a place in our collector car world. A-Men!

Over the years of collecting and keeping my self in the game of, I have found that not that many folks are aware of what these small wonders really are, or give it any thought, except when I ask in conversation, “by the way, do you still have any of your old Hot Wheels left?” Reply: “Oh yeah, I remember those”. Usually follows with:  I’ll bet there in the attic / nope, there gone / my Mom/Wife tossed them / I think there in storage /My Son or Daughter now has them (That’s my favorite reply) and we move on always leaving with smiles intact.

Keeping up on the market values of Hot Wheels Red Lines these days I have seen a bump up in price(s). Condition is important but not critical unless you’re a dealer or in retail. Some of us just love and have to have a car or two that was part of our childhood and those peaceful memories that returns.

It is good to see a healthy collector market as our economy strengthens. This also will add to the amount of vintage redlines quietly stashed awaiting the light of day. They are out there, and I will find them!!

Happy Motoring

Danny C

I encourage you to send me some collection photos or a single of your “bestest” cool cars that I may put on the site. Bragging rights count!

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