RLC Update / 2019 Selections car is being built!

The 2019 RLC SELECTIONS car is underway! A 55 Chevy Gasser named Dirty Blonde (I love it!!) This car will also be the first to sport the new Spectra Flame Yellow color. You can bet the value will go up. The wait is one year (at this writing RLC members can still buy unlimited quantities until June 16 if I am not mistaken). EBay has shops offering them now at double the cost and yes you have to wait to take delivery.

The thing with this car is that the Gasser has been released before and there are several models available. We (the RLC members) had the choice of what platforms were being considered for the Hot Wheels Selection car for 2019. Originally, I wanted the Custom Volkswagen in the first round of discussions. They offered a Ford pick-up and a Datsun 240 along with 4 others. As the planning and choices made got the gasser down to the finals of selection. I have to admit, there was something about that car that won me over.

Adding to the fact that the new Yellow color was an option, I knew that would be the color as this is starting the 2019 year, or the 51st anniversary of Hot Wheels. And let’s be real, that is one detailed gasser and not an “off the shelf” run model. It’s gorgeous!!    

I like the “Candy Striper” version and Calverton Customs has 3 in inventory, not “Stripers” but 55 gassers none the less with RR (Real Rider) tires with slicks in the rear. Again, the members who assisted in building this car (including Calverton Customs!) gave their best ideas and collaborated on this historic build. The new color (Spectra Flame Yellow) will be a big sell point, being the first one, man, that will take it up in price over the years for sure, add to that it is a “Club Car” you’ll be in mid-range redline numbers easily.

Look for it here in late July 2020! Calverton Customs has a few on confirmed order from Hot Wheels (Mattel) just say’n!

Happy Motoring

Danny C


I encourage you to send me some collection photos or a single of your “bestest” cool cars that I may put on the site. Bragging rights count!

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